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Value Creation Strategy

We invest
in companies
with exceptional

We invest in resilient companies in a wide variety of industries that enjoy growth and value-creation opportunities, headquartered in the Southeast US and Puerto Rico, with strong local presence. Our target companies may have operations outside this area, but we focus on investing in companies that can be headquartered in these areas.

The partners we aim for have exceptional management teams that can continue operating the businesses post transaction and execute on a value-creation strategy. Companies that have proven economic models that allow for an attractive return on invested capital. With revenues below $50 million with EBITDA below $10million. 

VRM Penzini deploys capital and resources to build stronger businesses. The commitment and passion you have for your business, will be met with honesty, and fairness, working with a strategic vision, and using our experience to help in the process of growth and development, every step of the way.